Market Research for a Changing World

What sets Visions Research apart from other market research firms is both our commitment to unsurpassed client service as well as our ability to utilize the latest advanced methodologies to better answer our clients pressing business decisions.

As the internet and social media have changed the way the world communicates, we have kept pace with new methodologies and advanced statistical methods. This combination allows us to not only implement qualitative and quantitative methods but also to mirror the real world purchase process which has become increasingly complex due to the internet and social media.

Today, buyers not only gain information about products and services from traditional media, word-of-mouth and “brick and mortar” stores, but they increasingly become aware of brands though social media, interactive web sites and a worldwide network of influencers.

Many of your most important customers and prospects carry as much computing power in their pockets and purses as major corporations of 20 years ago used to run their entire accounting departments! We are able to tap into these rich information sources with unique databases, multi-mode interviewing methods and across the board access to prospects never before possible.

We offer our valued clients a complete range of both quantitative and qualitative solutions to deliver quicker, more actionable and more accurate results than ever before.

Some of the studies in which we focus include:

  • Attitudinal and behavior prediction research
  • Choice modeling – especially suited for pricing and new product development research
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Focus groups
  • In-depth one-on-one interviews
  • New product development
  • Pricing studies
  • Brand positioning
  • Segmentation and key buyer identification
  • Internet advertising effectiveness
  • Social media scoring and influence analysis